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*We are a 501c3 Organization

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Visit the Comedy Hall of Fame Building and entertainment complex for a complete day of fun.  Our fun and exciting venues on site include the Hall of Fame Comedy School, Hall of Fame Event Center, Escape Rooms, Arcade, Gift Shop and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you the original and real Comedy Hall of Fame Museum® for the United States?

Yes! We had the original idea and moved on it in the late 1980’s. We have the only Federal Registration on the Principal Registrar of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and dozens of states across the country like California, Nevada, NY, Mass. etc.

Have you inducted and presented awards to the comedians?

Yes! We were the first to induct comedians into the National Comedy Hall of Fame Museum, and have produced the award shows over 21 times on network, or as a news release and special events at places like Vegas, the Friars Club, Universal Studio’s, Kennedy Performing Arts Center, and even NYC City Hall with the Mayor, Ambassador, and under Secretary of the U.S. as part of the show. We also have video with three past Presidents of the U.S. and even Former President Nelson Mandela as part of our prestigious award shows.

Can we donate to the official National Comedy Hall of Fame Museum?

Yes! We are a 501 C3 Non-Profit Corporation in good standing for over 29 years and have special status through the Department of Revenue. You will receive a tax deduction letter for any type of donation.

I would like to visit the museum and see the collection, can I?

Yes! As stated above the museum is a traveling exhibition facility until we re-launch in our new permanent location during 2019. We take most of the important items with us on the road but the thousands of artifacts can only be displayed at the right venues. Although what we bring is fun and impressive to see. We also have a show for smaller venues which is part of our Comedy Time-Tunnel® show. Tell us your address and we will let you know when we are in your area.

We see other comedy museums making bold statements online, who are they?

All we can say, before you donate to any of them is make them prove who they are, and show a federal registration along with credentials. We are the real deal! Along with Federal trademarks we are members of 12 of the most prestigious organizations in the United States including the national associations for museums. We have a list of over 150 well known celebrities and comedians that have lent their name to this wonderful museum, along with the famous Friars Club that recognizes us as the official Museum of Comedy History for the U.S. A signed letter from the Secretary of State endorses and recognizes the NCHOF.

Was there ever a Comedy Hall of Fame Museum building open to the public?

YES! We have plenty of video to show the facility and all the crowds that came. It was too small to show the entire collection and to be comfortable for the attendee’s. So we took the museum on the road, which is a lot of fun and we were able to bring a lot of fun to people that can’t travel. At the same time we are looking for the right building while we continue to have a traveling museum.

I came across an article online that said you didn't have a trademark and were getting sued.

That article was over a decade ago and was false. That was in NY and we have always had a NY Trademark since 1994. We sent it to the reporter but he ran the article before he gave us a chance to respond and unfortunately did not retract the story from the public. We are still the only one with a National Comedy Hall of Fame® Trademark on the principal Registrar for the U.S.