What Is The National Comedy Hall of Fame®?

The official National Comedy Hall of Fame is a not-for-profit entity that pays tribute to the legacy of all forms of comedy in our history and the laughter we have enjoyed over all the years. Our mission is to preserve and celebrate the history of Comedy and to honor the “Great Legends of Comedy” who have dedicated their lives to improve the world we live in by sharing with us their humor and bestowing upon us the greatest gift of all, LAUGHTER.

Several years ago, the first location of the official National opened to test the market and find out if the concept was viable and to test the new exhibit technology. The early museum was a huge success. We soon realized the museum would need a larger building to accommodate the increasing numbers of visitors who were lined up to gain entry as well as a greater parking facility. The new museum opened in January 2020 and is located in Holiday, Florida. 

The Comedy Time-Tunnel©, sponsored by the National Comedy Hall of Fame, continues to travel all over the state of Florida. The Comedy Time-Tunnel consists of recorded interviews, exhibits and film that take you on a trip through the history of Comedy. To find out more about our new permanent museum, Like us on Facebook for updates.

Want To Help?

Your donations will be used to keep the museum operational and updated and to honor the Legends of Comedy by inducting them into the Comedy Hall of Fame as a tribute for the laughter they have bestowed upon us.

You can also be a Sponsor or Volunteer. In addition, plan your next event at the Hall of Fame Event Center with special access to the National Comedy Hall of Fame Museum.

The Founder

Tony Belmont is the founder and president of the National Comedy Hall of Fame® (NCHOF). 

Several decades ago, Tony and a group of world-class comedians got together and discussed the idea of having a Comedy Hall of Fame someday. Tony initiated the project and he never looked back. After operating for several years in a small museum and, more recently, as a traveling museum, the NCHOF now has a permanent museum in Holiday, Florida. 

Tony likes to share the story of how the official National Comedy Hall of Fame (NCHOF) got started. Early in his career, Tony met with renowned comedian friends at the LA Friars Club that was operated by Steve Allen and Morey Amsterdam. The illustrious group proposed the idea of creating a hall of fame for comedy and asked Tony to spearhead the project.

Tony conducted the research and executed myriad steps to make the dream a reality. For example, he visited over 100 museums, earned credentials in museum management, interviewed the great comedians across the country, and handled legal and business requirements for the new organization.

Due to his hard work, The Library of Congress authorized The National Comedy Hall of Fame as the official museum of Comedy History for the United States.

He drew on his previous experience of producing some major musical, television, and award shows. Tony’s award shows were exciting, with not only great comedians present, but also some of the most powerful politicians in the world, such as Nelson Mandela, George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, the Ambassador of Spain, NY Mayor Giuliani, and more.

Tony & Debbie Reynolds

Larry Linville & Tony

Tony, Steve Allen's Son & Jayne Meadows

Tony & Senor Wences

Norm Crosby, Tony, Mimi Hines & Phil Ford

Margot Kidder

Tony & Robin Williams

Tony & Marty Allen

Hugo Zacchini, Lou Ferrigno & Tony

Brett Butler & Tony

Tommy Bonds, Tony & Gorden Lee

Cannon & Ball, Tony & Barbara Harrington

Jimmy Nelson, Tony & Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney & Senor Wences

Mimi Hines, Hugo Zacchini & Tony Belmont

Mimi Hines, Tony, Lance Burton & Others In Vegas

Tony kicked-off the National Comedy Hall of Fame® with a 90-minute television special to honor Minnie Pearl, a country comedian icon, live from the Grand Ole Opry. That night, emcee Ralph Emory ended the show by honoring Minnie Pearl with her induction into the National Comedy Hall of Fame®. The show was filled with country stars from several entertainment segments. The show was a hit with an audience of over 13 million, at that time the highest rating ever for the Grand Ole Opry.

Officially opening in 1995, the National Comedy Hall of Fame® has inducted 23 comedians into the NCHOF in front of national audiences over the past 25 years. Among them are Abbott & Costello, Laurel & Hardy, Milton Berle, Minnie Pearl, Charlie Chaplin, George Kirby and Jimmy Durante.

The Comedy Time-Tunnel© traveling museum, sponsored by the National Comedy Hall of Fame®, continues to travel while the new permanent location is completed. In fact, the interviews Tony conducted during early project development remain a valuable, one-of-a-kind collection of stories of comedy that are part of the traveling museum exhibits and interactive displays. The collection will be installed at the new museum.

The National Comedy Hall of Fame® is trademarked in the United States, Canada and Great Britain.

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